Commercial Aerospace Specialty Coatings

Whether you need an aircraft cleaner, edge sealer, filler putty or touch-up kit, Hentzen is ready to deliver. Our convenient touch-up kits have pre-measured base and catalyst components to ensure precise mixing.
Commercial airliner with runway controller
Cabin door open on private jet

Developing innovative coating solutions that help customers save costs and increase efficiencies is our speciality. And that’s why Hentzen is trusted by leading aerospace OEMs.

Hentzen Product No.Desc.SpecificationKit Size
Alert SeriesReflective Coating1 Gal.
PN-14 SeriesNon-skid Urethane Walkway CoatingMIL-W-5044C
LAC G37.486
1 Gal.
SR-40Surface Prep Wipe Solvent CleanerLMCO STM 32-307, Class I, Type II1 Gal.
5 Gal. Pail
50 Gal. Drum
SR-51 Wipe Solvent CleanerVOC Compliant1 Gal.
5 Gal. Pail
50 Gal. Drum
TS-1 SeriesAbrasion Resistant Teflon CoatingA2MS 565-005, Type II
BAMS 565-005, Type II
MEP 10-071
DPM 5066
1 Gal.
TS-5 SeriesAbrasion Resistant Teflon CoatingA2MS 565-005, Type II
BAMS 565-005, Type III
1 Gal.
PFP-6WPinhole Filler PolyurethaneBAC 5837, Rev. VKit
ACRYWASHAircraft Cleaner1 Gal.
5 Gal. Pail
50 Gal. Drum
PG-6-C19Fast Cure Edge SealerBMS 10-60, Type I and II, Class B, Grade D
BMS 10-72, Type IX
DMS 2112
BAMS 565-009, Type II, Class A, Grade B
Lockheed Process 302 Standard
MEP 10-069
BAC 5710, Type 41
3 Gal.